Social Media Direction


This package includes a complimentary photo shoot for brand marketing. 

30 Images towards your social media campaigns

We offer curated layouts with visual content as well as a guided platform for when and what to say. We do all the work upfront with attractive brand related imagery, provide suggested hashtags and customize a schedule for you to follow. Marketing made easy. Follow our easy step by step guide to post your content, or have us post it for you.

We curate the layout with a list of suggested hashtags, descriptions and schedule. It's that simple. 

Instagram is a great resource to share your message, brand or product to locals or worldwide. Reach any demographic with select hashtags, target your region and audience to grow an organic engaging following. Enhance your social media layout with our visionaries. 

Alec Pulvidente’s personal Instagram account with consistent high-res stylish content currently at 28.7K engaging followers and growing.